LGBTQ of Hunterdon County of NJ is a non profit 501 (C) (3)

Seth speaks from a profound place of knowing who he is. Born is the 1950's - a time where social consciousness had not yet evolved to today's levels of acceptance - Seth now offers his perspectives as a man from a previous generation who is deeply invested the present.  He's witnessed firsthand how minds have become less judgmental and more open over time.  This has, among other changes, allowed him to move forward with his gender transition, as well as become a successful independent business owner.

Today, Seth is a public speaker, Jersey Shore PFLAG facilitator, a member of WPATH,  GLSEN volunteer, computer analyst, entrepreneur, general contractor, an accomplished musician, social advocate and motorcycle enthusiast.  Educationally, Seth holds many degrees including his MS in psychology and rehab counseling. He loves helping today's transgender and gender nonconforming youth to  be able to live fully, as he does, through his motivational talks, school assemblies, as well as workshops with peers and parents and school faculty

Seth Rainess March 26 2016

Somerville Library From 1:00pm to 3:00pm

35 W End Ave, Somerville, NJ 08876